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Black Bear Gear is proud to announce that it is Canada's newest dealer of My Medic first Aid kit and supplies. We have many customers that wish to build up their own first aid kit and most who wish to just purchase a pre arranged kit with everything one would need. Look no further, My Medic and Black Bear Gear have your med kit solutions. My Medic offers solutions from individual to full team med kits with contents such as clotting agents, trauma dressings, TQ's  and so much more. The following is a portion of an interview with "The Prepared Guy."

"My interpretation of an adequate med kit depends upon the activity i'll be participating in at the time.  I always keep the jump kit I put together when I was an EMT in my vehicle.  This kit contains most everything that I would need if I came across a vehicle accident.  When i'm hiking I usually carry only a small first aid kit that with small bandages and gauze that I would need to address minor cuts and scrapes typical of the activity.

In the past I have put together my own medical kits because I was not satisfied with the med kits that were available. My way of thinking has changed since I found MyMedic. Most other kits were either to generic or were missing something important to me or they were just poor quality. I carry this particular kit with me most everywhere I go. It has a small first aid kit that tears away that I can stick in my backpack but also has the clotting agent, tourniquet and trauma dressings essential for serious injuries until they can get further medical attention.  The bag is very well thought out, is super versatile and attaches easily to my other packs.  MyMedic has a variety of different kits for virtually every requirement.  I have not yet found better thought out or better built kits. Period."


Shane Coles

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