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Hey everyone Scott from Black Bear Gear. We have some exciting announcements coming soon! First our launch of our redesigned website. We are always trying to improve! Second Black Friday is coming and we got some deals coming your way! Why not stock up now on all your Warrior Assault Systems gear before next years  sport shooting season opens or your airsoft games. We are excited to bring some slick kit from in the way of duty patrol bags and duty suspenders.


SHOP now! Kingston, Ontario, Canada #1 choice for Warrior Assault Systems gear and duty gear

We will soon have Hero's Pride duty gear. If you don't know Hero's Pride well they have been around since the 80s and make a ton of great quality products for Law Enforcement field and more! We also have Hard Armour on our site by Legacy Safety and Security. It is awesome and its not AR500 so go grab some!

So again thank you for everyone's ongoing support and wow our first year has brought many challenges and changes for the good! So please stay tuned help us grow and watch out for updates to come soon. 


PS: We do have a Law Enforcement Discount Program. More to come on this in the coming weeks. Drop us a line and we will get you sorted out for your discount. 

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