Warrior Assault Systems , LANDED in CANADA!!

Posted by scott snow on

Hello to all our Black Bear fans and customers. We got some new exciting products we are going to be offering soon. We are now Canadas premier dealer and reseller of everything Warrior Assault Systems products. Never heard of WAS? Well WAS is a UK based company offering high-end products for Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian alike.  Here is a blurb from there website: 


Warrior Assault Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military and tactical equipment. We put our gear through some of the most intense training ever devised: the theatre of war. 

How awesome is that some of Warrior Assault System Gear are certified to use by the most prestigious police services like LAPD. 


So as we bring more and more products on the site be ready for everything Warrior Assault System has to offer. It's pretty exciting because the price and quality make it worthwhile. WAS has a long list of services using their product and well its nice to support our fellow UK Men and Women. 


Bye for now. 


Black Bear Gear Team

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