About CTOMS™

Our Mission is simple. To prepare and enable our clients to effectively manage complex tactical, medical, and rescue problems.

Our Vision is to be the world leader in tactical, medical, and rescue solutions through unique training methodology and delivery, and innovative product development.

Leave Nothing to Chance. Control the Chaos.™

This is more than just the company slogan. This is the core of our Ethos. The best attitude to approach the environments and circumstances that our clients operate in, which at their worst, are complex and chaotic. Our goal is not only to provide the skills, knowledge, equipment, and confidence to survive in these situations and environments, but to control and succeed in them.

– 2 of 5 Special Forces Truths

The genesis of CTOMS was in war.

In 2002, the war in Afghanistan would sew the seeds for what would grow into one of the world’s premier tactical medical training companies. Highly sought after for our innovation and high-quality training delivery. CTOMS started as a training company, and first and foremost, CTOMS remains a training company. We believe that it is essential to first become effectively trained to rely on yourself and not your equipment. We believe it is essential to first become educated to make effective equipment choices that will enhance your knowledge and skill, not compensate for a lack thereof. And we believe that when you do choose your equipment, it needs to be best of breed and meet rigorous quality standards.

– SF Proverb

CTOMS would evolve into medical, tactical, and rescue equipment distribution and development, becoming a key supplier of Mission Essential Equipment to front line agencies. There is a lot to be said about the right tool for the right job but navigating the industry and deciphering between fancy marketing and credible information can be daunting. Being a training company first sets our priorities straight; our approach to 'marketing' is education. The decision to bring a product to market is based on requirement, research, data, critical evaluation, and common sense. We do not recommend a product because we carry it. We carry it because it is something we would pack in our own personal kit and rely on with our own lives.