Our story

20+ years of experience


Laurent Colasse, founder of resqme, Inc.

resqme, Inc. is a professional safety company focused on personal and car safety and is proud to celebrate 20 years of saving lives. Founded in 1998 by Laurent Colasse, resqme, Inc. aims to provide drivers and their passengers peace of mind by manufacturing and distributing innovative and reliable personal and automotive safety tools.

Our original keychain car escape tool, the resqme® is made in the USA and was originally introduced to first responders before expanding to corporate and consumer worlds. Carried by more than 4 million people in over 45 countries, it saves on average a life every two weeks.

In 2017, resqme, Inc. expanded with the creation of its sister company, resqme Europe, headquartered in Nantes, Fr. resqme, Europe aims to create a more efficient distribution system and to become the center of Research & Development for all our upcoming digital safety solutions.

To further support those who work to save lives on the road, we established the non-profit resqme Foundation that supports traffic safety by funding educational programs, scholarships, research, and events. We are proud partners of and other nonprofit organizations that aim to raise awareness on vehicle entrapment and safety on the road. Learn more about our foundation on

We have been recognized with multiple awards, and received widespread media recognition on Good Morning America, ABC News, USA Today, The Doctors, Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports and more. More than a company, we are proud to be part of a caring community of first responders, firefighters and every day’s heroes.