Aviator I

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The Aviator was especially designed for NATO military crew members (NATO Vers. No. 1095-25-151-1583). The Aviator II is technically identical to the Aviator I; however, they differ in the blade style, replacing the classic Bowie blade with the latest Tanto style blade. The Aviator is an emergency rescue knife with a special sandwich blade made of 1.4110 stainless steel that can saw through laminated aircraft window glass. A tactical black Kal-Gard coating adds extra protection to the blade as well as makes it anti-reflective. It is equipped with a strap cutter, a multi use serrated cutting edge, a power-insulated grip made of reinforced glass fiber, and a glass-breaker at the butt of the grip. It has a hole at the end of the handle to attach the knife to a lanyard. The knife comes with a Cordura sheath, with a polyamide lining, and U.S. MOLLE carrying system to attach to a survival jacket. The sheath is also equipped with a diamond sharpener and lower leg-fastening straps.



Boar Hunter Overall length: 39.1 cm / 15.4 in
Boar Hunter Blade length: 25.9 cm / 10.2 in
Boar Hunter Weight: 345 g / 12.2 oz
Boar Hunter Steel: Eickhorn Professional
Para II GS Overall length: 18 cm / 7.1 in
Para II GS Blade length: 8.4 cm / 3.3 in
Para II GS Weight: 49 g / 1.7 oz
Para II GS Steel: Eickhorn Professional