Blackhawk Demonstrator Gun, Safety Orange - Sig 226

Blackhawk Demonstrator Gun, Safety Orange - Sig 226

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Demo Training Gun

The Demo Training Gun from Blackhawk!® realistically mimics the dimensions, weight and hold of some of the world's most popular pistols, including the Glock 17 and Beretta 92. The realism factor makes the replica a perfect option for training scenarios without any of the inherent risks of using a real firearm. The Demo is ideally suited for practicing rapid draw, suspect disarmament, hostage situations and unarmed combat. Constructed from injection-molded, glass-filled polymer, it is durable enough to withstand daily use over extended time. Additionally, the bright, non-realistic color-coating ensures that it will never be mistaken for the real thing.

Note: Firearm simulators/replicas cannot be shipped to Canada (see Memorandum D19-13-2).

Blackhawk Specs

Material: Injection-molded, glass-filled polymer
Lifelike firearm simulator with non-realistic colors
Safe for use and made as a training aid