Denali, Tactical Armour System- Double Velcro

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he Denali Tactical Armour System is PRE Labs premier tactical armour carrier and is loaded with features. The carriers uniquely designed Tactical Insert Plate Pockets (TIPP ) allow you to drop in hard armour plates on the fly with no need to remove the vest or struggle with inserting them. This system allows for instant up-armour capabilities without having to cover up critical gear that is stored in your vest pockets and pouches!


Additional options include:

  •  Enhanced Side Armour Protection (ESAPTM) - zippered side flaps which can accommodate additional gear and/or armour panels (QuickLocTM design only).

  •   Extra heavy-duty drag handle on back of shoulders.

  •   Numerous ID patch styles to choose from.

  •   Dozens of different pouch designs and configurations.

  •   Multiple trauma pad and plate options and sizes.

  •   NIJ certified Level III, III+ and IV hard armour plates in multiple sizes and shapes.

  •   Multiple Level II and IIIA NIJ certified soft armour solutions.

  •   No hassle two-year warranty!

  •   The DenaliTactical Armour System – Innovative design, superior quality and built to last!