Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Drop Down Velcro Pouch

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Our Laser Cut Drop Down Velcro Utility Pouch hangs under the front flap of most carriers and attaches quickly and securely via Velcro. Ideal for use with Warriors LPC, DCS, RPC, QRC and PCR Chest rig.

There are 2 zip pockets, the larger and main compartment is designed for storage and quick access of larger accessories and tools, Med Kit and Admin / Maps, etc. The smaller pocket is good for the storage of smaller items such as torches, batteries, Compass, etc. On the underside, there are 2 elastic loops for chem lights and or markers. The Drop Down Pouch can also be used as an add on for lower abdomen protection, we have included a rear pocket which allows a level 3a soft insert to be added. The front of the pouch has laser cut Velcro comprising of 4 loops that allow the attachment of patches or CATs.

Engineered from our high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.

Pouch Dimensions
Height 6 1/2 inch or 16.5cm ( not including Velcro)
Width 10 1/4 inch or 26cm
Depth 3 1/4 inch 8.5cm
Velcro Fastening
Height 3 inch or 7.5cm
Width 8 1/2 inch or 21.5cm
132 grams