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This Item is unavailable for online order, please contact us for Direct prior to  ordering at, special conditions apply for the purchase of this item. Restrictions Apply on this product. Buyer is to confirm provincial laws and one of the following ID's is required for purchase LEO/First responder ID, Military/Government ID, Security, Private Investigator, Peace Officer, PAL or RPAL. Armour will not be shipped without conformation of ID.


This NIJ IIIA Ballistic Shield is in use with the Canadian Government.

It is extremely lightweight and easy to handle with a handle and strap.

  • NIJ IIIA 0108.01 compliance Ballistics standard
  • Shield and View Port pass all IIIAs threats, including 9mm, 44 mag, 357sig
  • 24 x 46 inches (600mm x 900mm)
  • Lightweight at only 11.2 lbs