Travellers First Aid Kit

Travellers First Aid Kit

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Travellers first aid kit is a must have for anyone, anytime and anywhere. 


1 x Nylon Case with Handle

1 x Medical Tape

8 x Alcohol Prep Pads

6 x Benzalkonium Chloride Prep Pads

3x After Bite Prep Pads

6 x Wet Nap Moist Hand Cleaning Towelette

2 x First Aid Ointment

12 X Plastic Bandage Strips

6 x Safety Pins

1 x Scissors

2 x Gauze Pads 2x3

1 x Instan Cold Pack

1 x Gauze Roll 2"

1 x Gauze Pads 3x3

2 x Hand Sanitizer

2 x Cotton Tipped Applicators

1 x Pocket Guide First Aid 

3 x Fingertip Bandage

3 x Knuckle Bandage

10 X Plastic Mini Strip Bandage

6 x Fabric Strip Bandage

3 x Patch Bandage

1 x Stretch Bandage Roll 2 x 5yrd

3 x Antimicrobial Surface Wipe

1 X Cool Gel Burn Treatment