5L Ocean Pack Waterproof Dry Bag - Light Blue

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Foldable Outdoor Waterproof and Moisture-proof Storage Dry Bag 

* Made of 500D waterproof laminated fabric (Tarpaulin PVC).
* The extra strong fabric also prevents the bag from being scratched or punctured by stones, tree branches or other sharp items.
* The fast roll & lock closure system provides a tight seal to enhance the watertight sealing performance.
* Easy to carry.
* Can be used outdoors or even indoors to protect your clothes, food, GPS navigator, speaker, camera, cell phone, compass, wallet, purse and other equipments or items from sand, dust, water, dirt and any other floating particles in your surrounding whilst hiking, camping, rafting, sailing, motor boating, swimming, fishing, etc. In dry desert area, it can contain water and be used as a water bucket.
* Due to the good seamlessness, it floats when sealed properly. It can even be used as a buoy when in emergency.
* With single shoulder strap.
* Size when in use: Height 320mm, Diameter 200mm
* Size when tiled: 420*310mm
* Weight: 0.52lb
* Reference capacity---5L bag can contain about 1 mobile phone + 1 pair of glasses + some keys + 1 purse +1 set of clothes + 1 pair of shoes + 1 watch + 2 car keys