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Our Quad Release Carrier (QRC) is a compact carrier designed to allow a high and effective level of armour coverage, without compromising the operators movement.

The QRC utilises our quick release clips on the shoulders and sides for ease of access during daily use and for rapid removal when required. The carrier has fully adjustable shoulders and is easily adjusted around the waist. The QRC has been designed to be compatible with the full range of our detachable front panels. The attachment of weapon specific panels can be quickly achieved byy simply unclipping the 2 vertical clips and tearing off the velcro panel on the front of the carrier, then replace with your desired detachable front panel.

The QRC is lined with 4mm 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric which allows air to circulate around the body for cooling, it also provides enhanced comfort particularly during prolonged periods of operation. The QRC is Hard and Soft armour compatible.

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