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FoxSeal™ is designed for simple, consistent performance in the field as a toll in the prevention and treatment of pneumothorax. Its advanced adhesive ensures it's reliability in extreme conditions and works on either wet or hairy Skin.

FoxSeal™ is a compact size and fits neatly in Individual First Aid Kits eliminating leaks from creased dressings that are stored folded. Each package contains two seals allowing for treatment of both entry and exit wounds if needed and is valve-free. Each seal is designed with easy-grip tabs and re-sealable adhesive, enabling the chest to be vented if needed.

NSN: 6510-99-153-4041


  • Two seals per pack for ballistic wounds

  • Compact, fits IFAK without creasing or folding

  • Simple no-valve design

  • 4 tear notches for opening

  • Law Enforcement

  • Injuries up to 15 cm maximum length

  • Corrugated, high visibility peel tab for venting

  • Re-sealing adhesive


  • Strong adhesion in extreme conditions

  • Adhesion performance maintained at -18°C (0°F) and +55°C (131°F)


  • Strong adhesion & reliability in extreme conditions

  • Works on wet or hairy skin

  • compact size


  • Sterile

  • Latex-free

  • FDA Listed, CE Marked, Health Canada Licensed

  • Foxseal™ chest Seal hydrogel seal, oval, overall length 6.5", two per pack with white, corrugated peel tab, no valve

  • to cover penetrating chest injuries. 6.3" x 6.3"

  • Weights & Dimensions:

    • Packaged: (H 6.5 in. x 6.5 in)

    • Seal: (5.25" x 5.25 Circular shape)

    • Weight: (40g / 0.040 kg.)