Triple Open 5.56mm Open Mag Pouch

Triple Open 5.56mm Open Mag Pouch

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500D Nylon Performance Specifications

Weight: 7.1 Ounces per Square Yard

Tensile Strength: Warp 453 lbs / Fill 348 lbs

Tears Strength: Warp 14.1 + lbs / Fill 14.1 + lbs

Abrasion: Wear Cycles 1955

Water Repellency: 100%


Thread quality is fundamental to the construction, durability and strength of tactical equipment.


Two factors have a negative impact on the life Span of threads


1) Mildew is one of the most common factors in the deterioration of military kit, causing it to rot and ultimately results in unacceptable failure.


2) Sunlight has a harmful effect on the performance of threads, and over time causes their deterioration.


Warrior only uses the highest quality US Mil Spec nylon threads imported from the USA which are threated against both UV and Mildew.