Vortex Gel-Core Hybrid Knee Pads

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Created by Damascus Gear™, leaders in full-body protective gear for law enforcement, military, etc. The most comfortable hybrid knee pad ever built specifically for Law Enforcement or Military use … just so happens to offer some serious impact protection. They have a unique hybrid construction that combines high and low-density materials to deliver maximum "cush", while the contoured ergonomic shape offers superior knee pad support. Part of the DKX-1’s secret is its GEL and GEL foam center cores which contain two types of shock-absorbing gels bonded together to create unsurpassed comfort. The GEL also absorbs body weight and disperses it within the pad. One size fits all. Sold as pair.

  • Heavy-duty, hard-shell composite cap which is truly NON-SLIP and plants you firmly on any surface.
  • The GEL cores and the unique caps then work together to produce the best possible knee zone protection from blunt force trauma.
  • Perforated breathable neoprene coated with silicon at the tops of the pads hug the leg above the knee.
  • 1000 denier nylon Cordura® braces and protects the rest of the knee area.
  • Both straps feature silicone coated strips to prevent pads from slipping in motion, and reinforced rivets.
  • The ergonomic design of the DKX-1 as a unit conforms to the knees like no other and produces superb mobility. The pads have been extensively designed specifically for law enforcement and military to produce the highest level of durability and extended knee pad life.

Colors and Style #’s:
#DKX1-B (Black)
#DKX1-OD (OD Green by Special Order)