Warrior Nexus Helmet Cover - Multicam

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Warrior's Helmet cover is specifically designed for use with Nexus SF Mach 3 high cut ballistic helmets, it is manufactured from both mesh and stretch fabrics to ensure an accurate fit. The cover is perfect for preserving the helmets ballistic integrity and helps prolong its life span, as well as preventing unwanted scratches and dents. 
Loop Velcro and a bungee cord system occupies the spine of the cover and allows secure attachment of a variety of accessories such as IFF beacons, Helstar 6 strobes, Mowhawk cameras and Go Pros. Loop Velcro also occupies the sides and the rear of the cover, to allow attachment of Velcro backed IFF patches, including callsigns and flags. 
There is laser cut laminate loops running down the front and rear sides which allow NVG cable management. 

NOTE only compatible with the latest 2021 version of Nexus SF MACH 3 high cut ballistic helmets which have loop Velcro factory fitted.

Warrior does manufacture a retro fit Velcro kit required to upgrade your pre 2020 Nexus MACH 3 high cut ballistic helmet; this is required to attach our Helmet Covers.