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Xshears are some of the most respected trauma shears on the market and are perfect for nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and any type of healthcare provider. They are designed to be tough and durable. With these shears, you won’t have to worry about them falling apart or not being able to cut. The blades are titanium coated, and the lower blades are very finely serrated for extra grip of the material and better overall performance.

These shears are not designed to be multi-functional or “tactical” like the Leatherman Raptor shears, but as far as shear cutting ability these shears are as good as it gets.

If you work in a hospital setting or are a paramedic, these shears will not disappoint and they will cut through just about any material that you throw at them. These shears are a great value and I don’t have much bad to say about them. If all you need is a high-quality pair of shears to cut with this is the is the pair I would go with. If you do work in the field and think you would use the features/tools that come standard with the Leatherman trauma shears I would go with them instead.

Bottom Line: Extreme heavy-duty construction means that these are some of the best trauma shears that you can buy in terms of durability and range of materials that can be cut. They are probably the best all-around trauma shears on the market and will not fail in life-critical applications. However, because they are only single-function shears, it is a bit difficult to justify spending almost as much on these as you would on multi-function trauma shears.

Key Features:

  • Extremely strong construction means that you will get a lifetime of use out of these scissors, and the titanium bonded blades make short work of all different types of material, such as plaster and fiberglass bandages, that would destroy a lesser-quality pair.
  • Sharp and Powerful. Glide through even metal-reinforced materials such as zippers. Cut through leather like butter.
  • Autoclave-friendly titanium bonding means that these can be heat sterilized over and over again.
  • Standard 7.5-inch length.
  • Manufactured by XSHEAR, one of the most trusted brands in the industry.
  • Sleek design is aesthetically pleasing.


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